2012 NSW Student Placement Records

For our lovely clients operating in NSW you will have seen the recent update to the “Student Placement Record” forms that are generated for each placement. SPR’s are complex forms to merge and historically we have had to *bake* them into Pathways as a fixed report in the Placement Reporting screen, where the fields would overlay in the correct locations and you could print them from Pathways….. no longer!

Now that we have the briefcase functionality, this is the ideal time to free the SPR documents from being fixed reports, and craft them as Word files. This is a big step forward for many users as you can now:

  • Create your own custom versions of the SPR, with boxes pre-ticked, or items pre-circled.
  • Modify the SPR’s in any way via Microsoft Word if ever needed
  • Adjust the doc AFTER it’s generated if, for some reason due to the data, it’s not looking right
  • PDF and send the reports using the built in Microsoft Word “PDF and Email” feature.
  • Edit the Host Section for those that “Pre-Authorise” directly if required.

You will shortly find nearly all the single page reports in Pathways 10 operate this way also – with only the summary reports being baked in (as they have complex formatting).
Downloading the New SPR Word Files

Contact our Helpdesk for the latest documents

Adding The New SPR’s to the Placement Briefcase

  1. Open Pathways and click on the “Reports” icon in the Placements row
  2. Click the “Briefcase” tab up top – and then click “Add Document”
  3. Locate the new SPR Files saved above (one at a time) and add them
  4. Return to the Home screen – and now navigate to the Placement Details screen for a placement you have recently organised (either via the Placement List or the Student/Employer directly)
  5. Go to the Reports tab in the Placement Details popup and you will see the new SPR’s in the list – generate one!

Time Saving IDEA you should try

As the SPR is now a Word file, why not bundle all your docs for a placement into a single Word file that you merge for each placement? In the past you would have to run the SPR, then run the word file(s) separately and try and collate them (uggghhh). Now that they are all in Word – bring them all together in a proper “Placement Package” per se.

TIPS & Things we have noticed with the 2012 SPR’s

  • Explore the PDF and Send function in Microsoft Word.
  • Page margins are tight – VERY tight – make sure your printer is set to A4.
  • They are easier to modify in Word now – BUT ALWAYS BACKUP first :)
  • f you ever need to create a new version, just make a copy of the existing file, name the copy accordingly (eg. NSW-2012-SPR – School ABC Special.docx) and then re-add it to the briefcase
  • Remember to add it to the Placement Briefcase

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