Article List: April, 2013

Placement Checklists Defeat Paperwork

Student placement coordination is one of those jobs that is likely to rely on paperwork and the classic paper trail for a little while yet. There are letters to parents and hosts, agreements to sign, inductions to be done and follow surveys to be completed! The latest Pathways update includes a simple way to track all the paperwork you need for each placement. It does everything you need and nothing you don’t. A checklist of documents and steps automatically appears when you create a placement and when you tick an item it automatically dates it.

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One Click Mail Merge for Workplace Learning

Workplace Learning and VET in Schools programs are often a sea of paperwork. The Mail Merge and Briefcase functions in Pathways allow quick production of documents like Placement Agreements, Student Placement Records (SPR’s) and Parent/Host Letters. Up until now you needed to know how Microsoft Word’s mail merge functions worked to build templates, however our new Cheat Sheet guides make it child’s play. Today we have launched our new starter template guides for Pathways Cloud that make it ridiculously easy to build your own mail merge and upload it in a few minutes. These new starter guides (or Cheat Sheets) read more…

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Custom List Upgrades

Pathways users logging in today may notice a few enhancements that will be very handy if you run a VET in Schools program that needs to record courses and not just manage placements. Last night we included the ability to use the student’s one or more course enrolments as a filter/condition in the custom list screens. Building student and placement lists by course just got a lot easier.

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Printing Host and Parent Labels

In early May we are pleased to announce the addition of one click label printing! Using the new “Classes” function of Pathways cloud we can provide really easy label printing for: – Parent Labels from the student record – Host Labels using the Host’s Postal Address – Host Labels using the Placement Address (common for smaller towns) Out of the box we will be including 5 of the most common address label types including Avery L8160 and L7163 which currently account for more than 90% of address label usage with our customers. The process of generating the label for your read more…

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Pathways + Units of Competency

Pathways has a strong focus on simple tools for managing students in the workplace – however an increasing number of customers are using the course functions to track more details about the VET subjects being studied and in some cases the Units of Competency (sometimes called modules). So whilst a student may start by just being involved in the school work experience program, they may also have VET subjects that involve structured work placement. Pathways Cloud will be expanding on it’s course recording features in late April to include Unit tracking so you can not only attach courses to a read more…

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The Art of the Mail Merge Package

For about 10 years Pathways users have been able to automatically generate mail merge documents in Microsoft Word including parent letters, host letters, work experience and placement agreements, surveys and workplace diaries. This in itself is quite handy as it makes document production really easy, however there are smarter ways to handle mail merging where you do many placements and are looking to really simplify document production. In the mid nineties a gentleman named Frank Hayes managed a placement cluster in Mackay that processed a huge number of placements with only a handful of coordinators –  one of the biggest read more…

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Knowledge Base Update

The knowledge base is being rapidly populated this month with all our back catalogue of PDF fact sheets and “How To” guides for Pathways Work Experience software – today we have uploaded 4 very popular guides for Pathways Classic/9 How to Enter a Student : How to Enter an Employer : How to Enter a Placement : Automatic Mail Merge with the Briefcase : Shortly we will be adding video training for each of these processes so you can see our recommended uses in action! Schools involves in Work Experience or Work Placement can use these guides to refine existing read more…

April 2, 2013