Article List: May, 2013

A Creative Endeavour

We are lucky to have the opportunity to be able to flex our creative muscles as well as the more nerdy technical skills, and each month we take on a few public web site projects that help people (eg. the AusHeal project coming up), have some creative outlet or are just plain fun. Avcair falls squarely into the fun category  – great people, awesome product, great sandwich’s during meetings. Let’s just say Avcair is not like long haul economy class….. They do Jet Charter in Australia to just about everywhere in the world. So every time we do some read more…

May 31, 2013

Un-learning to move forward – Xero

We recently spotted this great article on the Xero blog that addresses the exact same scenario we work with on a daily basis – migrating from legacy systems to next generation web apps. We’re big fans of Xero here at Activ8 and see them almost as a poster child for well funded, forward thinking web businesses that don’t mess with their vision. This particular article addresses the scenario where introducing new systems, in this case a web app for accounting, requires as much un-learning of old systems and processes as it does re-learning. And how you can tailor your materials read more…

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Unique Student Identifier (USI) for VET

In 2014, all new and continuing students undertaking nationally recognised VET courses will need to hav a USI number to receive their certificate of attainment or qualification. As of today we have added the ability to record USI numbers for students in Pathways Cloud, which ensures that by the time this becomes mandatory all our users will be very familiar with it’s presence in the student details screen 🙂 Like to know more about USI – read more on the Australian Government web site.

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Attach Files to your Student Profiles

Updates to our Pathways Work Experience platform are accelerating this quarter – the latest addition is a file storage tab in the student profile that allows you to upload one or more documents to any student record. Common examples include attaching PDF copies of VET Certificates and Statements of Attainment, resumes or any other documentation that may be useful. For many clients this will save them needing to record the Units of Competency when not necessary, as the attached documents would show the detail needed.

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