Evolve 2012 CPD Update

We are extremely excited to announce that the our Evolve 2012 Upgrade is going live soon, and is by far the largest update in the program’s history. For the geeks in the room, Evolve is now written using the latest jQuery and HTML5 technology that gets a lot of press these days with the mobile and iPad revolution underway. For the rest of us, it means super quick, fluid web applications that work on any device. Of course we’ve put a little bit of candy in the recipe and you will notice the prevelance of tracking graphs and animated popups to reduce the number of pages in Evolve – and dramatically reduce the time for admin tasks.

Key Facts for 2012 Evolve CPD Upgrade:

1. This update is automatic and included as part of your 2012/2013 subscription.
2. Your data is automatically migrated across to the new version
3. Your customisations are automatically migrated across to the new version (drop-down menus etc.)
4. The old site remains live (at a new address) during the transition period just for your reference and because we love to have backups of backups of backups.


Important Upgrade Notes 

Web Links: You don’t need to update anything in your documentatation or web site for the address of Evolve – it will retain the same web address after migration, just with it’s new pretty face.

Membership Data: We highly recommend your *membership* data for members is accurate (if even *mostly*). Evolve now does some clever calculations for CPD hours based on membership periods and even has “Caps” for particular types of CPD types to stop those nefarious characters that put 200 hours of journal readings in. These calculations work better if the membership data is accurate, naturally. Contact us if you

What’s New? The 2012 upgrade has an enourmous number of new features including integrated SMS notifications, Events, Resource Libraries, “per association” customisation, Quick Renewal systems, FAR better CDP total tracking etc.

July 27, 2012