Knowledge Base Update

The knowledge base is being rapidly populated this month with all our back catalogue of PDF fact sheets and “How To” guides for Pathways Work Experience software – today we have uploaded 4 very popular guides for Pathways Classic/9

Shortly we will be adding video training for each of these processes so you can see our recommended uses in action! Schools involves in Work Experience or Work Placement can use these guides to refine existing process or learn from scratch if new to the sector.

April 2, 2013

New Help Centre!

Exciting times in our office at the moment with the launch of our new help centre and knowledge base! Through March and April we will be migrating our traditional PDF-based helpdesk and technical support articles into web versions to make it really easy to get the latest fact sheets, “How To” guides and update notes.

To access our new help centre simple click the “Support” link at the top of this web site, or visit

Help Centre



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Pathways Classic End of Year Process

Pathways Classic includes a function that will automatically incrememt the year level value for all the sgudents in the database. Students that are in year 12 will be set to “Past”. A function is also uncluded that allows you to set an entire student group to the inactive status. Please note that these steps are not mandatory, however recommended if you work on a year to year basis (not rolling).

View our Knowledge Base Guide Here

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