Un-learning to move forward – Xero

We recently spotted this great article on the Xero blog that addresses the exact same scenario we work with on a daily basis – migrating from legacy systems to next generation web apps. We’re big fans of Xero here at Activ8 and see them almost as a poster child for well funded, forward thinking web businesses that don’t mess with their vision.

This particular article addresses the scenario where introducing new systems, in this case a web app for accounting, requires as much un-learning of old systems and processes as it does re-learning. And how you can tailor your materials and process to account for the transition.

Xero and Pathways Cloud are both web apps which dramatically rewrite the ground rules and assumptions for software in their respective markets – and both follow long periods of locally installed software and processes that originated decades ago. These new platforms are built with the future in mind and not constrained unnecessarily by historical process not relevant in the future. And in transition we also try to respect past processes, but not be bound by them as more often than not they are nothing more than habits ripe for improvement.

Good on you Xero. Keep the bright light shining.

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Pathways Update : Speedy Gonzalez

We are 8 weeks into our speedy gonzalez project – the aim of which was to make all screens and operations in Pathways complete in under 1500 milliseconds. This means that after click the page will load a second later no matter what you are doing or what data is being presented. So far more than 90% of the screens are actually under 500ms (half a second!) and extra lag is typically a result of the user’s broadband connection (or Youtube addiction)

Using some cutting edge monitoring software we can xray into each page and function and see where things are slowing us down. For example we recently adding our custom lists functionality which allow the dynamic creation of filtered student, host and placement lists for work experience and work placement customers. Having dynamic queries on huge databases can take some time. But using these tools we break down every function and use the information to deliver one thing – FAST web pages. Net outcome? HAPPY customers.

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Hosting Platform & Performance Upgrade

As Pathways Connect is a cloud app, where it sits on the internet is of great importance for stability, security and performance. This week we have completed migration of the Pathways Connect and Pathways Cloud  Database and web services to Global Switch in Sydney. We encourage you to check out one of the most impressive data centres in the world, which is delivering almost instant page loads and huge capacity for the huge number of  registrations being processed this year. Learn About Global Switch or Activ8’s Web Platform Fact Sheet

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