2017 QLD Work Experience Agreement Update

Let’s cut to the chase – we love the new Queensland Agreement fresh out of DET’s kitchen. It’s available as a Pathways template for you to upload from today.

Technical Reasons to be Happy

  • It’s made using tables, so short or long text content will no longer make the template explode onto new pages, off the page, or out into space!
  • Margins and padding now works on every test printer we could find without any top/bottom/left/right text being cut off.
  • Human-readable font sizes so non-programmers and lawyers have a chance
  • Field sizes are more reflective of the content that’s likely to be placed there

Agreement Content Reasons to be Happy

  • There is a Nominated Supervisor field on the agreement that acknowledges the fact that the person signing the person signing the agreement may not be the person with whom the trust to care for the student has been placed on-site.
  • Hours of Work – allows the Pathways “Attendance Details” field can be merged
  • Summary of Proposed Student Workplace Activities – allows the Pathways “Student Duties” field to be merged
  • Special Requirements – this is a great one as within this merge field we can now put what we see as CRITICAL information about the placement including dress requirements, student requirements and safetynotes – all merging from the Placement Details in Pathways.
  • Space for medical notes – where information is needing to be included here there is now able space and encourages full, rather than abbreviated notes.

Looking for this update? It’s likely already been uploaded to your Pathways Templates in the “PATHWAYS STANDARD” Group. If not, drop us an email and we’ll check it out for you 🙂

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2017 QLD ETES Agreement Update

Good News! Over the mid year break, we’ve been busy updating the Pathways mail merge templates to include the latest 2017 ETES Form.

You will find the updated templates under PATHWAYS STANDARD group in the “Mail Merges” tab for both Placements & Classes.

If you need any assistance with Pathways please let us know by clicking the Orange Help bubble at the bottom left of any screen in Pathways

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2017 NSW Student Placement Record

The updated NSW Student Placement Record  (SPR) for schools is now available as a Pathways template.

If you would like a copy of our starter template please let us know by:

  1. Logging into Pathways
  2. Clicking the Orange Help bubble at the bottom left of any screen in Pathways
  3. Let us know you’d like the new SPR

As with previous years we have updated the department-supplied SPR to shrink the margins to assist printers that can’t print to the edge, and adjusted the table layout so when larger amounts of text are entered in some of the requirements fields, the layout doesn’t break. Naturally all our Pathways template fields have been dropped in ready to go also 🙂

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Teacher Login is Live

One of the biggest requests in recent years has been to somehow provide select school teachers with read-only access to their own placements and classes, to promote more self-service of information requests and also give teachers huge vision into what’s happening with their own placements in real time. Less reports to run!

Where do I find a teacher’s login username and password?

Visit the school record in Pathways Cloud (from the top menu) then click on the teachers name on the right of the screen. You will see a username and password in BLUE ready for use.

Where is the Teacher Login Screen?

From the normal login screen click the yellow button labelled “Switch to Teacher Login”

School Teacher Placement Login

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Track Career Transition & Student Programs

Almost all of our education customers have programs they run that are not stricly students in the workplace, OR might be sub-programs that are very handy to track separately. Examples include mentoring programs, Workplace visits, Career and Transition Support services and the like.

A new tab has been added to the Student Details screen that allows you to record one or more programs against a student’s profile and track participation. The student custom lists function also now includes the program as a filter you can add if you making a BYO custom list also.

Student Programs Screen in Pathways

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Custom Lists and Mail Merges

We have witnessed an explosion in the number of “custom lists” being built every day as coordinators uncover more and more uses for the Host, Student and Placement Custom List screens.

Custom lists are like a BYO reporting system on steroids and it’s great to see building their own perfect lists with just the right criteria and some very funny names to ensure they are recognisable. We see anything from “Tom’s Great Placements” to “Trouble is Brewing” to the more mundane like “2013 Term 4 Work Experience Placements for Followup. The sky is the limit.

One function that is dynamite from all the custom lists, however and could almost be the most important, yet subtle, feature in the entire app is the Mail Merge link at the top right of the custom list screens. Clicking this link allows you to bulk mail merge your documents to match the records shown on screen. This allows you to ad-hoc bulk merge just about anything using the exact criteria you need.

Coupled with the Excel Export function that gives you access to the raw data, there’s not much you can’t do really quickly with your student, host and placement information.

Pathways  Custom List Screen for Work Experience Listings

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One Click Mail Merge for Workplace Learning

Workplace Learning and VET in Schools programs are often a sea of paperwork. The Mail Merge and Briefcase functions in Pathways allow quick production of documents like Placement Agreements, Student Placement Records (SPR’s) and Parent/Host Letters. Up until now you needed to know how Microsoft Word’s mail merge functions worked to build templates, however our new Cheat Sheet guides make it child’s play.

Today we have launched our new starter template guides for Pathways Cloud that make it ridiculously easy to build your own mail merge and upload it in a few minutes. These new starter guides (or Cheat Sheets) can be downloaded directly from the Mail Merge Setup screen shown below and include all the fields and instructions you need to rapidly build your own:

Placement Mail Merge


Building a letter, agreement, feedback survey or detail sheet is now a matter of building the file in Microsoft Word to look exactly how you want, and then simply copying and pasting the fields from the Cheat Sheet into your own documents. Upload it and Pathways does the rest!

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Custom List Upgrades

Pathways users logging in today may notice a few enhancements that will be very handy if you run a VET in Schools program that needs to record courses and not just manage placements.

The custom lists functions of Pathways are one of the most useful features as they allow you to build and save your own on-screen student, host and placement reports adding one or more filters. Last night we included the ability to use the student’s one or more course enrolments as a filter/condition.

Examples range from simple student lists for a course or class, to more complex possibilities such as showing all students in your Construction course that may not have completed their induction and have Teacher ABC.

Pathways Custom Work Experience List Report

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