Pathways March 2013 Update

Some great new updates this month to Pathways to increase flexibility and performance. These include:

  • Exports EVERYWHERE. In a post-A4-Reporting world, it’s handy to be able to export your data from list screens. This month we have added export functions to nearly all the screens in Pathways – these create nicely formatted excel files for you local editing or use.
  • Updated home page – less raw stats and a focus on the core important stats
  • Added Student “Custom Lists” to allow you to build your own student lists based on one or more conditions can be saved and easily run later. Think of this as a custom report builder where the results can be viewed on-screen or exported to a nicely formatted excel file.
  • Added Host “Custom Lists” – as above
  • Added Placement “Custom Lists” – as above
  • Added Placement Bulk Status Update screen to make it really easy for coordinators to tick and bulk change the status level of placements. Eg move a group from pending to arranged, arranged to complete etc.
  • Class Mail Merges – generate mail merge documents and pro-formas in bulk for all placements attached to a class.
  • Placement Checklist – allows you to set up a to-do checklist for each placement so you can tick items as they are complete which are automatically dated.

We have further exciting developments coming later in the month as part of our continuous improvement program for the Pathways platform – onwards and upwards!

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