A Community Approach to Workplace Learning

The most successful workplace learning and industry links programs involved strong relationships between all stakeholders including students, schools, and local employers. Traditional Work Experience programs, Internships, School to Work and Industry Link activities all use different delivery methods for matching students to opportunities – and often these programs compete for opportunities in their local community.

Elevate is about collaborative employer and opportunity management – it acts as a master database of employer and educator engagement for the community.

One Cloud to Rule them All

Elevate provides a secure web app for authorised coordinators, teachers, employers and students to view up to date information about employers and opportunities in their community. Each type of user has a tailored portal – for example students have read-only access to browse opportunities, employers can view their own profile and opportunities, and schools can log in and *consume* opportunities.

Elevate provides a master reference for employers and opportunity data for the community – a single source of the most up to date information, and authorised educators can tap into and help maintain this database in a way that’s sustainable and convenient for the host employers.

Coordinators within schools maintain their individuality and core processes with which they are familiar, and leverage the shared data of Elevate to make their placements and workplace learning programs easier to run in a sustainable way.


Employer Engagement

Elevate has at it’s core the concept of employer engagement and retention. CRM tools to manage employers participating, opportunities to quantity their engagement – everything works towards a goal of sustainable opportunities and no employer burnout. We have take this level of engagement to another level with the new version of Elevate and built an entirely new Employer portal. You can provide leading employers in your community with login details to their own custom portal to provide:

-Access to maintain their contact details
-Upload workplace photos and galleries
-Upload brochures, induction manuals etc.
-Ability to add/edit and withdraw opportunities directly
-Promote self-service

The other benefit of the employer portal is where you have your community self-maintaining their own profiles and opportunity offerings, the resources required for central coordinator drop markedly.


Elevate Workplace Learning

Employer Profiling

Keeping local employers close and happy uses many of the customer relationship management features often found in much larger corporate and commercial platforms. Elevate builds on our Host management expertise in Pathways by offering a the broad range of profiling tools needed to not only know which employers are participating, but the nature of their participation. We include the following major groups of information about every employer in the system:

-Core Company Details including geographic location
-People at the employer including all their contact details, mailing lists
-Coordinators linked to the employer (handy for history)
-Program Interests – eg. Work Experience, Workplace Tours etc.
-Full Correspondence History
-Individual Opportunities (distinct offerings for students to access)


Elevate Employer Profile

Cloud Smarts Everywhere

Elevate takes advantage cloud services to make life easier. This includes deep integration with services and technologies such as:

-Google Maps used for all addresses (placements, employers, opportunities)
-SSL Security and encryption on everything – just like your bank!
-Turnkey setup – no need to install anything
-Securely log in from any web browser.
-Google style smart search so you finding records is instant
-Storage of employer galleries and documents online