The management solution for school students in the workplace

Pathways is Australia’s most widely used software application for the management of secondary school students in  Work Experience and Structured Work Placement. With 17 years of continuous development, Pathways is designed to dramatically simplify coordination of placements, and help make workplace learning an important part of student development.

Organisations that rely on Pathways every day include schools, training providers, corporations with placement programs, partnership brokers and community centres.


Pathways provides a comprehensive student, host and placement tracking database built on years of client feedback and development. As great placement coordinators know, the relationships with hosts, schools and training providers are critical so Pathways also includes CRM level tools to help keep you on top and build sustainable placement opportunities year after year.



The new Pathways interface is best of breed – we have used cutting edge design tools and ideas, and built them on our time hardened platform. The world of software has changed profoundly in recent years. Pathways reflects this fantastic shift towards attractive, useable software focused on the end user – not the programmer.

Useful graphs, dynamic lists and dashboards are used throughout Pathways to simplify tasks and give you a realtime overview of your program. If you work in the education sector and currently use school management software, the refreshing and user-oriented design of Pathways will be a breath of fresh air.




Pathways takes advantage cloud services to make life easier. This includes deep integration with services and technologies such as:

-Google Maps used for all addresses (placements, hosts, schools, providers)
-SSL Security and encryption on everything – just like your bank!
-Turnkey setup – no need to install anything
-Securely log in from any web browser.
-Google style smart search so you finding records is instant
-Online survey services such as Wufoo for feedback loops



Document production is one of the biggest headaches for placement coordinators, and Pathways includes our one-click mail merge function out of the box. Placement agreements and records, letters and surveys can all be merged directly from Pathways with a single click, and rather than use baked in, fixed reports, we use standard Microsoft Word files you can create and upload yourself. Out of the box we include the state-based agreements and during setup we will pre-load your letters and documents so you hit the ground running!



The ways in which a student might end up in the workplace are endless. Pathways caters to a broad range of program types, ranging from small work experience programs at agricultural schools in the Pacific Islands, to brokers managing 10,000 student placements a year with a team of 5. Our strong focus on giving you the tools to build strong relationships with your student, educator and host stakeholders allows Pathways to work effectively in any environment where a student is linking with industry.