Care For Your Hosts

Successful and sustainable student placement programs are all about building strong relationships with your local employers.

To achieve this you not only need a great employer database with company and contact profiles, but relationship management features like activity tracking, flexible tagging, and the ability to attach opportunities and placements directly to their file so you are building a history over time. For placements, a strong documented history makes the future easier.

A Placement coordinator has to part salesperson to win and retain new host, so our CRM-style features go beyond a comprehensive profile, and give you one-click access to the big picture with host lists you will use all the time. Browse by Industry, Tag, Suburb – even browse on a map!

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 4.50.27 PM

Everything at a Glance

The new Pathways Host Profile screen displays everything you need to
stay close with your employers, within a single view.

– View contacts, staff, addresses, profiles and notes with ease.

– See the employer’s location with the embedded google map.

– Tag your to indicate how they fit within your program (eg. VIP)

– Attach risk assessment and default placement values

– Rate Hosts using the new rating system.

– Select one or more industries for any host


New Ways of Seeing Hosts

Need to see a list of all Business Services Hosts in your database for a potential work experience placement? No problems. Want to filter that list by their suburb also? Easy. But location and suburb filtering is rarely handy unless you are in a small town, as it doesn’t account for the actual location, transport corridors, public transport etc.

The obvious solution was to embrace the technology that has transformed mapping in our day to day lives. Google Maps. Within Pathways you can map your host locations in real time, and filter them by their offerings.

Guesswork no longer required.



Build Your Own Lists

We don’t like the concept of reports. They are a paper antique from a world where computers could not show what we wanted on-screen. In the Web world, printing a report to see your data is considered a last resort.

Pathways includes what we call custom lists. These are customer-created lists that include one or more “conditions”. You can also save these lists for later use, allowing you to quickly build a library of often user or useful lists over time.

Examples of lists we have seen recently used by customers include:

– Active Hosts in Construction with no Placements

– VIP hosts with Placements this year

– All Hosts in the Sydney Suburb.

Rather than pre-build fixed in reports, Custom Lists allow you to build your own in a matter of seconds. To make getting data out easy for further analysis or use, you can export these lists to beautifully formatted excel files with a single click.