Placement Snapshot

Creating and managing placements is really easy. The new details screen gives you everything you need to know about that placement at a glance, including:

– A customisable checklist for each placement

– A quick map of the placement location (handy for directions)

– All the core details you would expect – attendance, dress etc.

– The ability to add or more tags to a placement for batching or categorisation.

New in 2013, the checklist function was one of our biggest requests in recent years and enables you to create a custom checklist or workflow – each placement has a series of tick boxes to be ticked as you go. This allows you to easily see where you are at with each placement quickly and also see what date each action occurred. Apart from the usual items for authorisation, we have seen clients recently use it for everything from ensuring a workplace audit has been done, to followup thankyou cards. If there is something in your placement process that’s important – put it on the checklist.


Dynamic Lists – No More Reports!

By analysing the usage data from our Pathways customers around the world we were able to build a very good picture of which screens and reports customers use the most.

The latest Pathways update includes a set of pre-built placement listing screens that canvass more than 9 in 10 of all the reports people would print. We are hoping by making these reports dynamic and on-screen, the need to print antiquated A4 reports just to see your placement workflow will disappear.

We include handy lists including:

– Pending Placements (still being worked organised)
– Arranged Placements
– In Progress (student currently in the workplace)
– Complete
– Cancelled
– Starting Soon

As with all other lists in Pathways, you can export placements to beautifully formatted excel files with a single click.


Build your Own

As with the host and student modules, you can own build your own placement lists in the new Custom Lists screen. We think this screen is likely to become your best friend not just for daily use, but for stats time when you need to drill down into your data and get that data out into excel for reporting.

Add one or more conditions and give the list a handy name, such as “VET Students Term 1 Hospitality”. As Pathways saves your custom lists, you can return to them with a single click and see the results live.

No need for reports. Are you feeling a theme here? We don’t like paper reports, and not just because Dilbert agrees either!

But because there are always times when you do need to print something out, you can export your custom reports to Microsoft Excel, which allows you to adjust them to look exactly the way you want, and print or email them as needed.



Mail Merging & Automatic Document Production

Before Pathways Classic introduced the Briefcase in 2003, our research showed that customers would spend more time producing letters and placement agreements in a given year than they would actually entering data. Given it’s just a printout, that’s scary.

Pathways Cloud includes an even more advanced mail merging system, that works with a single click. Out of the box (metaphorically speaking) we include your local state placement agreements and contracts as well as any letters you use – we set these up for you from day 1. But as we use standard Microsoft Word files, you can edit and update these at any time. Need to create a new document? Just download the started template in Pathways and modify it. Once you have uploaded it to Pathways, generating that document is…… yep…. one click only.