An effective app to help track students at risk or in transition

Timepoint is a secure web app to help manage young people under case management or being assisted through periods of transition. It’s primary use is to assist students normally classified as at risk of leaving school, or in transition from school to some other activity.

Based on the highly successful Pathways system used around Australia, Timepoint provides the most comprehensive and user-friendly system available where tracking activities, delivering outcomes and providing student support is your priority.

Manage Important Information for Transition Brokering

Timepoint provides a comprehensive student, timepoint and case management database built on nearly 10 years of client feedback and development. Whether you coordinate students from one school or many, entering, processing and tracking student details has never been easier. In addition to the core student details, Timepoint includes:

– Scheduled followups and snapshots of a student’s development
– Case Notes and Activity Logs
– Outcome Recording
– Program participation (students often have other assistance)


Experience with Transition Brokers

Activ8 has been helping educators and youth workers since 1996 through focussed and easy to use software. Our latest Timepoint web apps is the result of everything we know about transition brokering and assisting students at risk. And by building it on our world leading cloud platform we can make the technology invisible and low maintenance. Nothing to install, nothing to maintain, just a secure login and off you go. Even updates are done seamlessly whilst you sleep. We help you focus on the outcome – not the technology.


Transition Brokering Up in Minutes
With nothing to install, and secure access from any internet connected computer, Timepoint changes the way you work with case notes and student assistance. Log in from a laptop on wireless, connect from home if you work after hours, or take an iPad on-site and access your case file – all covered by your subscription.

– Nothing to Install – cloud based and same day setup
– Protected by SSL and encrypted databases like your bank
– Access from any number of computers and devices on 1 account
– Have an existing excel file? Chances are we can import it.


Share Student Transition Data

Do you work in a team? Are you part of a group of transition brokers or case managers? Timepoint is about to become your best friend. Whilst it’s very common for our customers to have their own databases, increasingly they are working in a team and share a case load. This scenario is completely turnkey for Timepoint – we can add any number of user accounts onto a single database, whilst still retaining each persons’s own case notes and identity for login. You get the best of both worlds.