Article List: July, 2017

2017 NSW Student Placement Record

The updated NSW Student Placement Record  (SPR) for schools is now available as a Pathways template. If you would like a copy of our starter template please let us know by: Logging into Pathways Clicking the Orange Help bubble at the bottom left of any screen in Pathways Let us know you’d like the new SPR As with previous years we have updated the department-supplied SPR to shrink the margins to assist printers that can’t print to the edge, and adjusted the table layout so when larger amounts of text are entered in some of the requirements fields, the layout doesn’t break. Naturally all our Pathways template fields have read more…

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Pathways July 2013 Update Coming

We are very excited that our next major Pathways Cloud update has arrived.  When teachers and coordinators return their June/July holiday and log in for the first time the automatic update will have already done it’s great work and a tonne of new features will be ready to hit the road. The biggest feature update this month is the addition of mail merge functionality to the custom list screens. Create a custom list of students, hosts or placements, and in addition to showing this list on screen as a dynamic report or exporting it to Excel, you can now mail read more…

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Placement Checklists Defeat Paperwork

Student placement coordination is one of those jobs that is likely to rely on paperwork and the classic paper trail for a little while yet. There are letters to parents and hosts, agreements to sign, inductions to be done and follow surveys to be completed! The latest Pathways update includes a simple way to track all the paperwork you need for each placement. It does everything you need and nothing you don’t. A checklist of documents and steps automatically appears when you create a placement and when you tick an item it automatically dates it.

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One Click Mail Merge for Workplace Learning

Workplace Learning and VET in Schools programs are often a sea of paperwork. The Mail Merge and Briefcase functions in Pathways allow quick production of documents like Placement Agreements, Student Placement Records (SPR’s) and Parent/Host Letters. Up until now you needed to know how Microsoft Word’s mail merge functions worked to build templates, however our new Cheat Sheet guides make it child’s play. Today we have launched our new starter template guides for Pathways Cloud that make it ridiculously easy to build your own mail merge and upload it in a few minutes. These new starter guides (or Cheat Sheets) read more…

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The Art of the Mail Merge Package

For about 10 years Pathways users have been able to automatically generate mail merge documents in Microsoft Word including parent letters, host letters, work experience and placement agreements, surveys and workplace diaries. This in itself is quite handy as it makes document production really easy, however there are smarter ways to handle mail merging where you do many placements and are looking to really simplify document production. In the mid nineties a gentleman named Frank Hayes managed a placement cluster in Mackay that processed a huge number of placements with only a handful of coordinators –  one of the biggest read more…

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Work Placement and Work Experience Agreements

Since the mid nineties Pathways has automatically generated various state agreements automatically as a fixed report. The complex formatting, colouring and layouts of most state agreements have historically not been particular “auto create” friendly so we had to build highly complex custom reports. Simple things like your attendance details field for a placement being too long would spill over and break the layout – and this is increasingly common as the forms are rarely designed with their actual practical use in mind (they are legal docs first and foremost). From Pathways Classic (9.9) and later including Pathways Cloud in 2013, read more…

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2012 NSW Student Placement Records

For our lovely clients operating in NSW you will have seen the recent update to the “Student Placement Record” forms that are generated for each placement. SPR’s are complex forms to merge and historically we have had to *bake* them into Pathways as a fixed report in the Placement Reporting screen, where the fields would overlay in the correct locations and you could print them from Pathways….. no longer! Now that we have the briefcase functionality, this is the ideal time to free the SPR documents from being fixed reports, and craft them as Word files. This is a big read more…

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Pathways Electronic Delivery is Here

It’s been 15 years in the making, however Pathways 9.7 Work Experience Software and later are all delivered electronically from now on! We’re excited to finally be at the point where our distribution is completely electronic as it allows us to ship new orders, updates, upgrades and helpdesk patches to schools the day they are required, and include all the documentation needed in searchable PDF files. One of our most common requests is to replace lost manuals that often get lost within schools or offices – by migrating to an indexed and searchable PDF file we are able to not read more…

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