Article List: June, 2013

Pathways July 2013 Update Coming

We are very excited that our next major Pathways Cloud update has arrived.  When teachers and coordinators return their June/July holiday and log in for the first time the automatic update will have already done it’s great work and a tonne of new features will be ready to hit the road. The biggest feature update this month is the addition of mail merge functionality to the custom list screens. Create a custom list of students, hosts or placements, and in addition to showing this list on screen as a dynamic report or exporting it to Excel, you can now mail read more…

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One Click Mail Merge for Workplace Learning

Workplace Learning and VET in Schools programs are often a sea of paperwork. The Mail Merge and Briefcase functions in Pathways allow quick production of documents like Placement Agreements, Student Placement Records (SPR’s) and Parent/Host Letters. Up until now you needed to know how Microsoft Word’s mail merge functions worked to build templates, however our new Cheat Sheet guides make it child’s play. Today we have launched our new starter template guides for Pathways Cloud that make it ridiculously easy to build your own mail merge and upload it in a few minutes. These new starter guides (or Cheat Sheets) read more…

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Printing Host and Parent Labels

In early May we are pleased to announce the addition of one click label printing! Using the new “Classes” function of Pathways cloud we can provide really easy label printing for: – Parent Labels from the student record – Host Labels using the Host’s Postal Address – Host Labels using the Placement Address (common for smaller towns) Out of the box we will be including 5 of the most common address label types including Avery L8160 and L7163 which currently account for more than 90% of address label usage with our customers. The process of generating the label for your read more…

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Pathways Update : Speedy Gonzalez

We are 8 weeks into our speedy gonzalez project – the aim of which was to make all screens and operations in Pathways complete in under 1500 milliseconds. This means that after click the page will load a second later no matter what you are doing or what data is being presented. So far more than 90% of the screens are actually under 500ms (half a second!) and extra lag is typically a result of the user’s broadband connection (or Youtube addiction) Using some cutting edge monitoring software we can xray into each page and function and see where things read more…

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Pathways Update : Home Page Relaxation

Welcome to the new Pathways Home. Today when you log in you will be greeted with a much simplified home page that still has all your key work experience and work placement dashboard metrics, but in a less frenetic layout. As Host and Student modules have their own dashboards, the Pathways home page can focus in on the key metrics – active hosts and students, recent records and a summary of your work placement activity. Given people log in early in the morning to Pathways and often have a coffee in their hand, timing the caffeine hit and a *busy* read more…

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Pathways Update : Custom Student Lists

Today we launch an enormously useful new function in Pathways Cloud named “Student Custom Lists”. Custom Lists allow you to build and save your own views of student data in Pathways Cloud to make your Work Experience software sing. Pathways includes a number of useful lists out of the box (Active Students, Without Placements etc.) however with custom lists you can roll your own, adding an entirely new dimension to how you see your student records. The days of having hundreds of baked in A4 reports are a distant memory, with dynamic on-screen lists and easy exporting taking their place. read more…

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Pathways March 2013 Update

The Pathways March update is now live and adds our most requested features to the platform including custom lists for students, hosts and placements, the latest state work experience agreements and a new dashboard home page.

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