Article List: June, 2013

Pathways July 2013 Update Coming

We are very excited that our next major Pathways Cloud update has arrived.  When teachers and coordinators return their June/July holiday and log in for the first time the automatic update will have already done it’s great work and a tonne of new features will be ready to hit the road. The biggest feature update this month is the addition of mail merge functionality to the custom list screens. Create a custom list of students, hosts or placements, and in addition to showing this list on screen as a dynamic report or exporting it to Excel, you can now mail read more…

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Pathways March 2013 Update

The Pathways March update is now live and adds our most requested features to the platform including custom lists for students, hosts and placements, the latest state work experience agreements and a new dashboard home page.

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New Help Centre!

Exciting times in our office at the moment with the launch of our new help centre and knowledge base! Through March and April we will be migrating our traditional PDF-based helpdesk and technical support articles into web versions to make it really easy to get the latest fact sheets, “How To” guides and update notes. To access our new help centre simple click the “Support” link at the top of this web site, or visit    

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2013 QLD Work Experience Agreement

Pathways Classic and Pathways Cloud have recently been updated to include the new 2012/2013 Queensland Work Experience Agreement – often called the Form C. The most obvious change to this latest agreement is the department name change to DETE in the header. You have automatic access to the latest updates to Pathways as part of your subscription – the version 9.9 update to Pathways includes this new QLD Agreement in the Briefcase. Unlike previous agreements the latest version has been added as a briefcase document and appears automatically in the Placement Details and Reports screens. We have left the old read more…

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Pathways Classic End of Year Process

Pathways Classic includes a function that will automatically incrememt the year level value for all the sgudents in the database. Students that are in year 12 will be set to “Past”. A function is also uncluded that allows you to set an entire student group to the inactive status. Please note that these steps are not mandatory, however recommended if you work on a year to year basis (not rolling). View our Knowledge Base Guide Here

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Pathways Electronic Delivery is Here

It’s been 15 years in the making, however Pathways 9.7 Work Experience Software and later are all delivered electronically from now on! We’re excited to finally be at the point where our distribution is completely electronic as it allows us to ship new orders, updates, upgrades and helpdesk patches to schools the day they are required, and include all the documentation needed in searchable PDF files. One of our most common requests is to replace lost manuals that often get lost within schools or offices – by migrating to an indexed and searchable PDF file we are able to not read more…

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