Article List: February, 2014

Teacher Login is Live

One of the biggest requests in recent years has been to somehow provide select school teachers with read-only access to their own placements and classes, to promote more self-service of information requests and also give teachers huge vision into what’s happening with their own placements in real time. Less reports to run! Where do I find a teacher’s login username and password? Visit the school record in Pathways Cloud (from the top menu) then click on the teachers name on the right of the screen. You will see a username and password in BLUE ready for use. Where is the Teacher Login Screen? From read more…

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Track Career Transition & Student Programs

Almost all of our education customers have programs they run that are not stricly students in the workplace, OR might be sub-programs that are very handy to track separately. Examples include mentoring programs, Workplace visits, Career and Transition Support services and the like. A new tab has been added to the Student Details screen that allows you to record one or more programs against a student’s profile and track participation. The student custom lists function also now includes the program as a filter you can add if you making a BYO custom list also.

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Custom Lists and Mail Merges

We have witnessed an explosion in the number of “custom lists” being built every day as coordinators uncover more and more uses for the Host, Student and Placement Custom List screens. Custom lists are like a BYO reporting system on steroids and it’s great to see building their own perfect lists with just the right criteria and some very funny names to ensure they are recognisable. We see anything from “Tom’s Great Placements” to “Trouble is Brewing” to the more mundane like “2013 Term 4 Work Experience Placements for Followup. The sky is the limit. One function that is dynamite read more…

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Pathways July 2013 Update Coming

We are very excited that our next major Pathways Cloud update has arrived.  When teachers and coordinators return their June/July holiday and log in for the first time the automatic update will have already done it’s great work and a tonne of new features will be ready to hit the road. The biggest feature update this month is the addition of mail merge functionality to the custom list screens. Create a custom list of students, hosts or placements, and in addition to showing this list on screen as a dynamic report or exporting it to Excel, you can now mail read more…

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Attach Files to your Student Profiles

Updates to our Pathways Work Experience platform are accelerating this quarter – the latest addition is a file storage tab in the student profile that allows you to upload one or more documents to any student record. Common examples include attaching PDF copies of VET Certificates and Statements of Attainment, resumes or any other documentation that may be useful. For many clients this will save them needing to record the Units of Competency when not necessary, as the attached documents would show the detail needed.

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Custom List Upgrades

Pathways users logging in today may notice a few enhancements that will be very handy if you run a VET in Schools program that needs to record courses and not just manage placements. Last night we included the ability to use the student’s one or more course enrolments as a filter/condition in the custom list screens. Building student and placement lists by course just got a lot easier.

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Printing Host and Parent Labels

In early May we are pleased to announce the addition of one click label printing! Using the new “Classes” function of Pathways cloud we can provide really easy label printing for: – Parent Labels from the student record – Host Labels using the Host’s Postal Address – Host Labels using the Placement Address (common for smaller towns) Out of the box we will be including 5 of the most common address label types including Avery L8160 and L7163 which currently account for more than 90% of address label usage with our customers. The process of generating the label for your read more…

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Pathways + Units of Competency

Pathways has a strong focus on simple tools for managing students in the workplace – however an increasing number of customers are using the course functions to track more details about the VET subjects being studied and in some cases the Units of Competency (sometimes called modules). So whilst a student may start by just being involved in the school work experience program, they may also have VET subjects that involve structured work placement. Pathways Cloud will be expanding on it’s course recording features in late April to include Unit tracking so you can not only attach courses to a read more…

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