What is Elevate?

Elevate is the combination of software and infrastructure recipes and ingredients we use to design, build and deploy our software.

Elevate includes a large library of pre-built and constantly updated modules that are used in both Activ8 and customer software projects. These modules are designed to operate together and work as part of our infrastructure stack.

The Elevate set of software and infrastructure recipes are at the heart of our ability to quickly and cost effectively solve customer problems with performant software.

Some example software modules in our Elevate library include:

Software Recipes

  • Contact & People Management (CRM)

  • Application Workflow

  • Project Management

  • Quotation Management

  • Staff and Contractor Bookings and Bookings Groups Management (for service providers)

  • Preventative Maintenance Systems

  • Emergency Maintenance Systems

  • Safety Incident System

  • Equipment Calibration Systems

  • Purchasing & Procurement

  • School Teacher Portal

  • Training Provider Portal

  • Customer Portal

  • Supplier Portal

  • Recruitment Workflow Management

  • Content Management System

  • Learning Management System

  • Incident Management System

  • NCR (Non-Conformance Report) System

  • User Security and Credential Management

  • Supplier Management

  • NCR Management

  • Budgets & Milestones

  • Student Management

  • Curriculum Management

  • Student Attendance & Progress Reports

  • Tagging & Meta Data Engine

  • Security Management

  • Job Listing/Posting Portal

  • Data Logging from Industrial Embedded Devices (Mesh, Realtime, API Based)

  • CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

  • Member & Association Management


Some example infrastructure services available to deploy Elevate modules include:

  • Elevate Programmable SMS Gateway

  • Elevate Programmable Email Gateway

  • Push Notification Gateway (Mobile)

  • Tableau Data Warehouse Service

  • Elevate TARGA API Services

  • Elevate Storage Service

  • Server and Network (IAAS) Services

Integrations and

Many of the services and modules within Elevate operate using an architecture that consists of a group of micro-services - each specialising and optimised for a specific task.

Often these services are external to our platform and we need to communicate outside the data centre. Elevate TARGA provides this connectivity between the modern API's offered by services. Examples include:

  • Xero

  • Safety Culture & iAuditor API

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Microsoft Dynamics (NAV and AX)

  • Harvest

  • Deputy

  • NDIS

  • Campaign Monitor

  • Mail Chimp

  • Capsule CRM

  • Trello