Simple Cloud-Based CPD Management

Evolve is a highly customisable web app that makes managing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) easy for associations and members. Members can maintain their own CPD journals, track CPD hours and mandatory competency coverage, and associations can monitor member CPD at a higher level for tracking and audits. Smaller associations can even use the membership module as their primary membership platform.

Turnkey CPD Management

Managing CPD events and requirements with Evolve is a simple and time saving process. Association and company administrators can centrally manage CPD events and compare them to yearly CPD requirements with ease, and templates can be created to make adding common CPD events a two click process. Do you have a group of members attending a conference? Simply add a CPD template that both administrators and members can use to rapidly add CPD histories.

Member-Driven CPD Entry

Evolve is a little different than traditional membership and CPD managements systems – we have designed everything to be member centric, allowing members to log in and keep not only their CPD histories up to date, but also enter work history and education details. This self-service model allows association administrators to offload a lot of the labour normally required for data entry and CPD tracking. Simply invite members to enter their own CPD as it occurs, allowing them to see what their CPD history and their annual CPD requirements for your association.

Reporting & Analysis

Quickly and easily view memberships overdue, members with insufficient CPD, members with sufficient CPD, members that have never logged in, members missing key details, CPD allstars (ones with a large amount of PD). There are a large selection of reports and we can easily add additional reports based on your precise needs. One of our recent favourites is the coverage report that shows which members have completed CPD with one or more competencies ticked – allows you to see that members are engaged in cross-competency style CPD events (and how much).