Hassle Free Student Management

Pathways provides the most comprehensive student management
features ever built for secondary school placement coordinators.

Our latest release radically simplifies the student profile screen to include
everything on a single page. See what courses the student is enrolled in,
what areas of study they are seeking for placements and actual
placement history – all at a glance.

We have also added guardian management features that
allow you to list one or more emergency and guardian/parent contacts, as
well as their relationship to the student – A vital function where separated
parents are involved and paperwork may have a different destination.

As with the host database you can also track activities on a student file, for anything non-placement you may need to record. Examples include work placement advice, resume preparation, or transition assistance where you provide not just placement services.


Easy Lists, Easy Archiving

Like the host module, students can be listed in all the most needed ways with a single click. We have included handy default lists including Active, Archived, Favourites,Recently Added, With and Without Placements as well as a Recycle Bin. Naturally you can sort and filter these on-screen as well so nobody can hide!

Lists of students show their industry, activities and placements, giving you a
great snapshot of your student database in list form. Archive a student in one
click – you can always visit the archive to look up an old record if needed. Deleted students automatically go to the recycle bin where they can be recovered or permanently deleted – a great safety blanket.


Build your Own

Pathways includes student custom lists. These are customer-created lists that include one or more “conditions”. You can also save these lists for later use, allowing you to quickly build a library of often user or useful lists over time.

Examples of lists we have seen recently used by customers include:

– Active Students in Construction with no Placements

– Female Students in Grade 11 with a Placement

– All students in Construction and Year 10

Rather than pre-build fixed in reports, Custom Lists allow you to build your own in a matter of seconds. To make getting data out easy for further analysis or use, you can export these lists to beautifully formatted excel files with a single click.





Pathways now includes a class module that makes it ridiculously easy
to manage groups of student placements.

A class could be just that – a single school class going out for placement, or it could be a group you create for easy management. For example within a school environment it could be all Year 10 Construction VET students going out on Work Experience. Or in a cluster environment, you could create a class for all VET Students from a particular school on Construction.

Using classes you can, at a glance, see which students are linked, which have existing placements and where, and also which are yet to be placed and their status.

Always know where you are up to with your placements from the Classes
screen – it’s like your daily hit list for placements to be done.