About Us


Since our journey began in the mid nineties we have built software for customers looking to get an edge. We focus on web and mobile apps for their game changing qualities, and have a strong preference for  building long term relationships with customers – some have worked with us for nearly two decades.


We have extensive experience with education, youth services, engineering, remuneration, migration, labour hire and logistics. Our own products have been used in thousands of sites around the world and one of the joys of our business is getting to learn about new sectors. Most of our own products follow a general theme of software that helps people, help other people. Youth services, education, training are strong themes.


Most of our solutions are of a .NET MVC and .NET Core flavour as it gives us pixel level control, lightening fast user experiences and fits in with our typically Microsoft oriented corporate customer infrastructure. Like some of our other strong interests (Ruby on Rails etc.) we believe it represents the future of web application design. We utilise a number of platforms to run our applications depending on the need, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2 and our own vCloud setup.


We have offices in Australia, The United Kingdom and Indonesia and help customers in 87 countries.

Our head office is in a an old electrical substation from the early 1900's the inner west of Brisbane, encircled by a National Park, the CBD and a curiously brown Brisbane river.