Pathways is Australia’s most widely used application for the management of secondary school students in Work Experience, Structured Work Placement and School-Based Traineeships and Apprenticeships. We believe in the enormous value of a vocational learning, and Pathways is our tool to assist organisations in building strong, sustainable workplace learning processes.

Pathways has helped organise more than one million placements in every context one could imagine. More than 200,000 hosts, 400,000 students, 3000 schools, 5000 teachers. 

For Multi-School Scenarios

Pathways is most commonly implemented in one of the following four scenarios:

  • Within the school itself (more info here)

  • In a community services-style association or "School Cluster" , usually managing up to 50 schools and providing central coordination.

  • A school system, for example a Catholic Diocese, operating individual schools but part of an overall system-wide set of processes. Usually up to 50 schools)

  • A state or federal government providing a common platform or clearinghouse for opportunities and placements. Often up to 600 schools.

Pathways in Clusters & Diocese

Pathways has a long history of providing the operational backbone for community service organisations tasked with coordinating placements for a group of schools. Since the mid 1990's Pathways has had a dedicated development track focussed on assisting these organisations with managing the many stakeholders and sea of information needed to place thousands of students with hosts for hundreds of teachers in schools.

Cluster management is a very unique challenge - many of Pathways' foundation innovations have been nurtured and piloted by cluster coordinators, as their large volume and serious resource constraints push everyone to find the most effective, efficient process.

Pathways is responsible for more than 80% of the mandatory student work placements in New South Wales each year, and is utilised at all the clusters currently operating in Queensland. Pathways is also used by the 31 Local Learning and Employment Network regions in Victoria as part of their state-wise SWL rollout.

Some of Pathways key innovations for School Clusters include:

  • Student self-registration

  • Teacher Portal allowing teachers to triage and approve registrations

  • Bulk email merges to hosts, students, parents and teachers for a class

  • Bulk SMS merges to hosts, students, parents and teachers for a class

  • Sophisticated Host profiling and CRM tools

  • The Placement Postcard - a mobile-friendly placement reference that has replaced more than 50% of the documentation and letters for our customers

  • Tableau-driven Business Intel and Data Analytics to spot trends early and plan

  • 100% Web App - nothing to install locally, and industry leading security for our Australian Data Centre.

Pathways for Governments

Where a statewide implementation is underway, Pathways tiered architecture provide enormous flexibility. Recent examples of large scale deployments include Pathways and Elevate modules for the Department of Education in Victoria.

  • Provide a statewide clearing house for workplace opportunities for students in Victoria

  • Provide access for ~700 schools and >1000 teachers to browse, evaluate and use positions

  • Provide access to 31 Local Learning and Employment Network (themselves school clusters) community organisations

  • Provide access to all secondary school students via a Public Portal