Placement Checklists Defeat Paperwork

Student placement coordination is one of those jobs that is likely to rely on paperwork and the classic paper trail for a little while yet.  There are letters to parents and hosts, agreements to sign, inductions to be done and follow surveys to be completed! Multiple these document counts by the number of placements a coordinator may arrange and you can understand why in 2012 we estimated that on average a Pathways coordinator was generating more than 2400 pieces of paper per year! On their own!

Some of our customers would use the Activity Log to record when a document was produced and sent, however in our latest Pathways update we've included a simple way to track all the paperwork you need for each placement. It does everything you need and nothing you don't. A checklist of documents and steps automatically appears when you create a placement (you can customise the checklist) and when you tick an item it automatically dates it.

The most common items for checklists are:

  • Parent Letter
  • Host Letter
  • Placement Agreement (NSW SPR, or QLD Form C or VIC Workplacement Agreement)
  • Student Survey
  • Host Survey
  • Student Placement Details sheet

We highly recommend you use this great new feature as it requires almost no effort and provides so much value to your student placement workflow.