Class Bulk Updates Feature Comes to Pathways

The Pathways Class, often affectionately known as the "bucket of placements or students" is one of the foundation elements of efficient placement coordinator for our customers. Over the years the class-oriented tools have built out including bulk emails, bulk sms's, direct student registration into a class and bulk mail merge and document production. 

As students or placements within a class often share key information or processes, a common request has been the ability to perform some bulk updates or additions of values for all students in a class.

For example :
"Is there a way I can add Placement Tag ABC to all the students in a class"
"I need to update 110 students to a new coordinator - they are all in the same class is there a magic button?"

The new Class Bulk Update tool allows bulk, selective updating of the most commonly changed values for students AND placements linked to a class. Over time the types of updates will be expanded to include many more. The first release allows:

  • Bulk Add Student Tags
  • Bulk Add Student Industries
  • Bulk Update Student Coordinators
  • Bulk Add Placement Tags
  • Bulk Update Placement Industries
  • Bulk Upate Placement Coordinators