Managing Host Usage and Placement Availability

One of the more difficult aspects for many of our placement coordinators involves managing host usage and capacity. Often the true capacity is never actually known as it's day by day or based on the "last phone call" to a Host. For some industries, effectively using all the availability a host offers for placement opportunities is a critical part of the job.

The Host Usage screen in Pathways provides a visual guide to make it easier to spot gaps and patterns in the placements linked to your hosts. The ability to filter by industry and tag also makes it easy to zoom in further to a specific industry, region or a custom host tag. Each of the coloured blocks represents a placement in that month (arranged/complete or cancelled) and can be clicked to drill down into the specifics.

By providing a great macro view we are encouraging our placement coordinator community to engage hosts further into the future and lock in availability so students have the best possible opportunities in the workflow, and last minute coordination can be avoided.

Host Usage Analysis.png