NSW Student Placement Record 2017

Automated merging built into Pathways


Pathways includes the latest NSW Student Placement Record template as provided by the Department of Education and Training. 

A popular set of Pathways automations with the SPR include:

  1. Automatic mail merge of matching fields in the SPR to PDF or Microsoft Word (DOCX)
  2. Bulk mail merge of SPR contracts to PDF for easy printing or distribution for a class or group of students
  3. Sending SPR's by email within Pathways - from a placement you can mail merge, convert to PDF and automatically attach and email an agreement form. The transmission is logged and attached to the placement for easy tracking of a placement history.
  4. Storing signed agreements as an uploaded attachment against the Placement using the Pathways Placement Files tool.


As part of Pathways we include the latest state agreements in Pathways - in 2017 most states in Australia updated their agreements. These are provided in an open source template as it's very common for our customers to merge additional documents with their agreement or insert values directly into the form that don't need to be merged.

An example of this is a "Placement Pack" which is a single word template that contains the NSW Student Placement Record, a parent letter, a host letter, a placement details sheet and a feedback form all in the same "one click" merge.