Pathways is Australia’s most widely used application for the management of secondary school students in Work Experience. We believe in the enormous value of a vocational learning, and Pathways is our tool to assist organisations in building strong, sustainable workplace learning processes.


Who Uses Pathways for Work Experience?

Organisations that rely on Pathways every day include:

  • Schools
  • Training providers,
  • Corporations with placement programs
  • TAFE regions,
  • Partnership brokers, industry links schemes and community organisations
  • Local Learning & Employment Networks


We Understand Vocational Learning

In 2017 we passed the milestone of having had more than 1 million students placed within Pathways. With the benefit of 21 years of continuous development, Pathways is designed to simplify the coordination of vocational placements, and help make workplace learning an important part of student development. It manages everything you need in a vocational learning program including students, hosts, schools, teachers, training providers and placements.


No Just Software - We Help You Get Going

New customers are chaperoned through the onboarding process, including importing of any relevant existing information, setting up mail merges and email templates, as well as training you so you are comfortable, confident & efficient.



Successful and sustainable student placement programs are all about building strong relationships with your local employers.

To achieve this you not only need a great host employer database with company and contact profiles, but relationship management features like activity tracking, flexible tagging, and the ability to attach opportunities and placements so you are building a history over time.

A strong, documented history of host relationships is the easiest way to make your placement program sing. 

Student - WONKA.png


Build a longitudinal view of student development over time in their vocational learning program. 

Maybe you just need the core student details for simple placement coordinator. But maybe you need a rich and textured student record as you also coordinator a mentoring program, or activities out of the school gate. You may even be managing a school to work or student transition program and placements are just one spoke in the wheel.

Pathways has you covered no matter the flavour of program you are coordinating.

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Manage any type of workplace learning experience using Pathways.

  • Simplify the relationship between host, student, parent/guardian and school
  • Automatically generate letters, agreements and contracts
  • Email or SMS documentation to hosts, students and parents
  • Build invaluable placement histories for both host and student
  • Standardise the process of placement coordination with built in checklists
  • Send mobile friendly Placement Postcards so host, student and parent have up to date placement information.



Pathways includes the most flexble, easy to use and understand document and mail merging system you will ever use. You can have a new template set up in about 30 seconds, and we use vanilla Microsoft Word files for everything.

Generating the mail merges is a few clicks away from any placement, student, host or class. Some common examples include: