Printing Host and Parent Labels

In early May we are pleased to announce the addition of one click label printing!

Using the new "Classes" function of Pathways cloud we can provide really easy label printing for:
- Parent Labels from the student record
- Host Labels using the Host's Postal Address
- Host Labels using the Placement Address (common for smaller towns)

Out of the box we will be including 5 of the most common address label types including Avery L8160 and L7163 which currently account for more than 90% of address label usage with our customers.

The process of generating the label for your work placement is as simple as opening the class that has all the students and placements, clicking the mail merge tab and clicking the label you wish. The file is automatically merged to a Word file and downloaded in the browser and includes all the related data for that class.

Don't forget the advanced way of generating labels - preferred by power users that need to do something extra special or like to do their merges from excel files. Simply use the Host, Student or Placement Custom Lists function of Pathways and you can export an excel file with all the details. These excel files have a standard format so you can easily use the Microsoft Word mail merge wizard to use this data for pretty much anything!