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Pathways is Australia’s most widely used software application for the management of secondary school students in  Work Experience. With 22 years of continuous development and more than a million placements, Pathways is designed to dramatically simplify coordination of placements, and help make workplace learning a safe and valuable part of student development.

More than 1300 schools have student placements coordinated using Pathways in Australia, and in 2017 we hit the 1 million placements in Pathways milestone. We help VET Coordinators, Industry Liaison Officers, School Officers, Careers Teachers and Guidance Counsellors manage work experience in a safe and efficient manner.

Work Experience Specific Pathways Features

State Governments, school clusters and Catholic School Systems use Pathways to manage students engaged in Workplace Learning and VET Courses. Pathways can provide a system-level, multi-school approach to improving the quality and safety of workplace learning programs. 

One-Click Work Experience Agreement Generation

Pathways includes automatic production of documentation including state-based agreements. Some commonly requested agreements in Australia include the following (we have more than 20 out of the box depending on location, however)