Classes Evolving to Groups

When Pathways was in it's formative years it was most common for students involved in VET subjects to visit the workplace as part of a school class. The "Classes" functionality was thus born to make managing these buckets of students and placements easy.

As the the functionality and adoption of these VET Class buckets grew, the use of the word "Class" has become less ideal.  As at September 2018, there are in fact a very small percentage of classes in Pathways that could be accurately described as a class in a traditionally schooling sense.

From 2018 Term 4 onwards we will be beginning a process of changing the way we describe these buckets from "Classes" to "Groups". It's a more generic term that is applicable to far more scenarios and is a more accurate reflection of the way the feature is used by our customers.

Group Changes Coming:

  1. Menu Links such as as the CLASSES link at the top will become GROUPS

  2. Any references to classes in and around Pathways

  3. Export file names such as Class Lists and excel files

  4. Mail Merges and their email and attachment functionality

  5. If you squint you may not even notice the difference as the the two words are a similar length and start with a similar-looking letter :)

Do You Need to Do Anything?

No - this is a change of wording only. In pilot testing users typically didn't even notice until it was pointed out.